about the homo

basically, i am a faggot,

my name is lenny, i'm 20 years old, i'm nonbinary (they/them), and i draw furry porno + design tabletop games too

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general information

as i said before, my name is lenny

i'm 20 years old - my birthday is on july 14

i live in the midwestern united states, though i'm originally from the east coast (and i don't have a midwestern accent lol)

i've been drawing furry art for the past several years, and i'm hoping to make it my full-time career! on top of that, i've been designing games for about just as long, and i really like doing that too. there are two wolves inside me. and they are ucmming

other socials + contact info

main twittersfw art onlynsfw art

tumblrnsfw furaffinitypillowfort

steam: xefros_official

battlenet: lenny#11640

discord: lenny#1787

if you want my itch you can ask, i don't necessarily want to link it with my furry porn lol

i try to stream every sunday at 9PM eastern time on picarto

full disclosure: discord is usually the best way to contact me for just about any reason. twitter DM's are unreliable for me and i rarely check tumblr asks, furaffinity, pillowfort, etc

these are a few of my favorite things

(in no particular order)

anime: soul eater, fullmetal alchemist (and fma:b), cardcaptor sakura, death note, serial experiments lain, puella magi madoka magica, kagepro (studio shaft dni), beastars, kakegurui

tv shows & cartoons: the good place, riverdale (mostly ironically), adventure time, community, dr. who (but in a normal way i PROMISE), bee & puppycat, squid game

movies: hereditary, midsommar, sky high (fucking fight me this is what we should have gotten instead of endless fucking YA novel movie series), this isn't really a favorite thing but i really don't care for the mcu i don't give a shit about those movies... come to think of it i don't really like a lot of movies in general because i have adhd, a quiet place

video games: skullgirls (again i PROMISE IM NORMAL ABOUT IT), destiny 2, overwatch, hearthstone, hades, minecraft, undertale/deltarune (this one is less normal ... i want to ruin asgore's divorced-ass hole), we know the devil, heaven will be mine, celeste, for a while i played wakfu also but i don't think i really have the patience for mmo's, that's also why i'm hesitant to get into like ffxiv cause i'll just get bored, pokemon, animal crossing, splatoon 2 (and splatoon 3 because splatoon fucking owns it's like the best thing ever)

tabletop games: chuubo's marvelous wish-granting engine, wanderhome, my life with master, don't rest your head, apocalypse world, monster of the week, lancer, light, paranoia XP (i know it's kind of outdated but at least i'm not a 5e enjoyer insert wojak here), mtg, pokemon tcg, i used to play yugioh also, root, oath, really anything by leder games, inhuman conditions

music: lemon demon, pinocchio-p, jin, panic! at the disco (i'm sorry i can't defend myself on that one), tally hall (again sorry), poppy, SOPHIE, kairiki bear, cosmo@bousouP, neru, rerulili, kikuo, they might be giants, doja cat, megan thee stallion, cupcakke, lil nas x, mitski, lily allen, studio killers, gorillaz, left at london, bo en, mother mother, the mountain goats but i've only ever really listened to tallahassee, paramore

books & comics: percy jackson series, house of leaves, it's kind of a funny story, misery, needful things, salem's lot (sorry once more), all the light we cannot see, mysterious benedict society series, secret series (can you tell what kind of weird-ass kid i was in elementary school), scott pilgrim series, seconds, a serious house on serious earth, batman: year one, the long halloween (i only truly like batman comics other superheroes just don't do it for me quite the same), watchmen

other interests: computer science although i don't really understand it i just find it fascinating, linguistics (i speak english & french fairly well, a little bit of japanese, german, and toki pona), retro-futurism, occultism, conspiracy theories (NOT in that i endorse or believe in any, it's more of a psychological interest to me), astrology, printmaking, unfiction / web media, illustration, hyperpop / y2k / grunge aesthetics, being a hater

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i'll eventually put like, buttons here?

is that a thing people do?

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