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some info on my various OCs and such. this page isn't complete, nor will it ever be i think

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crater, interstellar pilot

20-something // they/them // goat(?) // year X999

crater labram is a pilot for Occam Interstellar, a space shipping company. think trucker, who just so happens to have had their brain psychically rewired to understand complex warp mechanisms. by no means is crater a genius - in fact, the process of becoming a warp pilot kind of killed off some of their brain cells. but they like to have fun!

as far as we know, crater is a terrestrial - that is, someone born on Earth itself who later traveled to space - but they have an unusual ability: they can tap into an extradimensional storage space, which they refer to as "hammerspace". living beings can't go there, but crater's got a ton of doodads, gadgets and knickknacks jammed inside.

crater is kind of my main "fursona", although they've kind of become their own character at this point...! you'll often see them in very out-of-context situations. i don't use their actual "lore" that often, except for when i'm looking for an interesting scenario to put them in. they were originally supposed to be an alien. here's the first drawing of them ever!

lenny, alt cat sona

20 // they/them // cat // year 2021, or whatever

it's me! i honestly haven't done a lot with this sona, but i figure they'll serve their purpose as an alt sona for whenever i want to make more "serious" or "vent" type art

i considered replacing crater with this sona, but decided against it in the end, because who cares if crater's anything like me or not?

mr. boscoe, AKA b0sman

40-something // he/him // cat // year 2100

john boscoe is Director of Advanced Support Solutions, STAR VR Tech, Ltd. boscoe is also b0sman, a well-known porn star in the VR world.

by day, boscoe is no-nonsense, stern, and generally quite stoic (though for whatever reason, he has a particular liking for a field tech named reggie...), but by night, he becomes a total party animal. he's got all the best VR technology by virtue of his position, including state-of-the-art neural tap haptic gear for full sensory dive.

nobody at work is on to his double-life, and he likes it that way - though he happens to be having a fling with a user named xXreg!g!gaXx, who he's pretty sure happens to work for him. it's not possible that he would know that, though, right?

gonna be straight up here, i've been kind of obsessed with VR as a concept lately, and because i'm too poor to afford an oculus, this is how i have to work it out. boscoe was originally just a coworker for reggie, who was created first, but i think boscoe is kind of a stronger and more interesting character.

reggie, AKA xXreg!g!gaXx

mid-to-late 20s // he/him // rabbit // year 2100

reggie vervain is a field technician with STAR VR Tech, Ltd., meaning he goes out to help clients troubleshoot issues with their virtual reality hardware. in his free time, he assumes his VR alter ego, xXreg!g!gaXx, and runs a small personal server for debauchery, breakcore music, and other stuff he finds cool.

he's pretty dorky and stoic in real life, contrasting with his more bombastic and dominating VR personality. he was an early adopter of VR tech, and knows a lot about it - his server is actually pretty state-of-the-art, considering how low-tech and cheap it is. he's got a ton of vintage VR gear at home, some of which he retrofitted to include more modern luxuries like haptic tech.

he takes great pains to make sure nobody at work finds out about his reg!g!ga account, not because he'd get in trouble, per se, but because he prefers to keep his work life and his personal life separate... except, he's pretty sure that his boss is secretly the famous VR porn star known as b0sman? and they've been hooking up? but it's not like his boss is onto him or anything, right?


22 // he/him // mouse // year 2100

mouse is the leader of the Pests, a small clique residing in Black Sand City, a sprawling, bizarre metropolis. mouse is big-mouthed, exuberant, and pretty stupid, though the only one in the group foolish enough to stand up to the king is rat.

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