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Place: A void, dotted with planets orbiting stars orbiting galaxies.

Time: Today's date, in the year 2321.

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I am writing to you

from somewhere very far,

very cold,

and very dark.

I'll be okay. I do this all the time, alright...?

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...You don't believe me?

I guess you wouldn't, hah.

Maybe I should do this formally:

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Identity: Crater Labram, callsign W-VXC99-7B-Umbrella, Terran origin.

Affiliation: Occam Interstellar Delivery Services, LLC.

Position: Warp pilot, psion-interface.

Ship: B#22193-02, the "Alkes", AA-class block jaunter.

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In other words: I'm a space pilot.

You would find that really cool, right? From what I know about you, at least. From what I know about your time.

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I know a lot about your time.

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Actually, I wish I was born there, with you. I yearn for it. Nostalgia for a time that I never experienced, a time I never could have experienced.

I bet you're reading this now on a desktop computer, or a cell phone. Maybe you have a YouTube video playing in the background. Maybe you're going to look at Twitter later, or drink iced coffee, or boba, or grape Fanta.

What year is it? 2000? 2050? This message shouldn't be going any later than 2100, so I think there's a good chance you could...

Are you a human?

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Occam Interstellar Delivery Services, LLC

OCCAM INTERSTELLAR DELIVERY SERVICES, LLC is a company which services much of the Andro-Milky galactic group. Our specialty is interstellar delivery, and we have no shortage of options - from personal parcel delivery, to shipping specialized industrial equipment across the galaxy.

Our proprietary implementation of psion-interface warp drive technology allows OCCAM INTERSTELLAR to have the largest service area of any interstellar shipping company.

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I'm hailing you from - Well, I'm supposed to be heading towards Alpha Centauri, which is about as close to Earth as I'll probably ever get, and I'm going for work. I've been on the hyperspace highway for about a week now, and I should arrive tomorrow. I started somewhere near Sagittarius at an Occam Interstellar Fulfillment Center, where I loaded up the Alkes with small parcels.

It's not bad work. I get to go a lot of new places.

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Well, mostly, they all look the same. Sometimes they're different, but usually not - spires are really in, right now.

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Are You From The Future?

It is well-known that the advent of hyperspace travel has opened up the possibility of travel not only through space, but also through time.

This site, Time/Lyne, hopes to assist any time-travelers in orienting themselves in the current moment. If you are a time-traveler, please provide your input on how the site could better be used to help you. For now, this page will list some of the current achievements of Terrans across the Andro-Milky galactic group.

Current year: 2321

2302. Standards are established across the Andro-Milky galactic group to make space travel easier and safer.

2301. Queen Avaxarr III, the last Queen of England, is killed when her jaunt ship collides with another ship which was travelling through hyperspace without broadcasting its pathfinding. This ship was later found to be an Anwood Security Service slipper - this very nearly caused a war betwen the NUK and the Security Service, the first war Anwood City has been in since it declared war on Radicalism. This conflict, fortunately, was avoided.

2214. For the first time, a ship carrying Terrestrials - of a type which would later be known as a 'slipper' - travels through Hyperspace, touching down on Pluto and returning to Earth in a journey taking only four weeks. The ship 'crinkles' hyperspace to travel through it more quickly, like a needle passing through folded-up fabric, before re-entering realspace.

2091. Hyperspace is discovered, a layer of phsyical space layered over realspace. Though small particles can pass through it unscathed, it is believed scientifically impossible to send large objects through it. Research continues.

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You probably think the future is a pretty neat place, huh? Do you wish you could come here?

Let's trade places.

...Hah, no. It's taken a long time for me to figure out how to send this message back to you.

I'll probably never live to see real time travel...

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That's okay, though. We can keep talking like this, right?

I guess you don't have a lot to say, ha-ha...