Pragmatist is a comic series about a boy who becomes convinced his classmate is psychic, and the strange events surrounding them as they begin to grow closer.

The author, lenny, can be found on Twitter, Tumblr, and Cohost.

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age: 16 | he/him | sign: ♑︎

Student council treasurer and social recluse. Weiss is convinced he's psychic; he's certain that Weiss is wrong. Friends with Mira. He seems to be under some kind of surveillance...

Favorite snack: Rye chips

Instrument of choice: "I used to play piano when I was younger..."

Favorite sport: Marathon Reddit arguments


age: 16 | he/him | sign: ♓︎

Class weirdo. Obsessed with the supernatural, occult, and generally dorky - also an avid gardener and caretaker of the school greenhouse. Sensitive despite his cheery demeanor.

Favorite color: "Actually, it's one of those colors only lobster shrimp can see."

Lucky number: 555

Favorite vegetable: Potato chips count


age: 16 | she/her | sign: ♈︎︎

Vice President of the student council (though her campaign for President is pretty aggressive this year). Always juggling a handful of extracurriculars. Not insecure at all.

Favorite sport: Tennis (until she gets tired of it)

Secret hobby: Popular if controversial blogger

Favorite movie: Legally Blonde


age: 16 | she/her | sign: ♍︎

A relatively new transfer student, known for loitering around the tennis court. A fairly quiet loner with a cocky side; seems to be growing close to Mira. But is she hiding a dark secret...?

Favorite color: Black, obviously

Part time job: Talent scout, sort of

Favorite band: "You wouldn't have heard of them."